While Congress and the White House remain deadlocked over Iraq, recent polls suggest that neither side is winning any points with the public. I’m sure you have heard over and over again that the president’s ratings remain low, but what you probably haven’t heard is that Congress’ approval rating is just as bad and dropping! That defies the “conventional wisdom” since the majority believes it was elected to end the war, yet its efforts to do so are not being rewarded in the polling data. A poll conducted in late April by National Public Radio (not exactly a “rightwing” media outlet) found that Congress and President Bush had identical approval ratings of 36% each. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted this week had Congress and President Bush tied at 35%, but that was due to a five-point drop in Congress’ ratings from last month!
From Gary Bauer

I am no political analyst, but it does seem to make sense that IF the majority of the American people wanted to pull out of Iraq, you would think Congress would be getting a higher rating for their efforts.

And on that note, no one has ever polled me about what I think of the war, or whether or not I approve of the president or Congress. I wonder who gets polled and the sample size.

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