I finished reading At Home in Mitford a few weeks ago. It’s a Christian fiction written by Jan Karon. Audrey’s German teacher gave her the whole series to put in our church library. So I am reading them first.

I haven’t heard of this author, but the cover says At Home in Mitford is a New York Times bestseller. It’s good to know that a decent fiction about simple life in a small village with no violence, scandals, or suspense can be popular.

An episcopal priest, Father Tim, is the main character in this small town of Mitford. I am guessing the setting is in the late 80’s or early 90’s because Father Tim resisted getting a microwave but his congregation bought him one anyway. I remember I also balked at the idea of buying one when my son Elliot was born. People told me how convenient it was to heat up his bottle in the microwave, but I continued the old method of warming the bottle in hot water. That was 1988.

The book tells of Father Tim dealing with various problems and situations with the people in Mitford. I am inspired by him praying for every circumstance that comes up and for his willingness to work with even the most difficult people. The attraction between Father Tim and his neighbor Cynthia adds a little romance into the story. (Episcopal priests, unlike Catholic priests, are allowed to marry by the way.)

At Home in Mitford is light easy reading, well written, entertaining, inspiring and wholesome.

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