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The State funds are our taxes. Why should the use of my tax dollars be tied to a social agenda? Even though I support marriage only between a man and a woman, I would not want the use of State funds to be used only by people who are married. It’s not only people of faith who should be upset. It should be anyone who does not believe that our tax dollars should be be used to force a minority group’s special interests.
This is from Gary Bauer’s End of the Day Report.

Craziness In California

Two weeks ago, I reported that the California legislature had passed Senate Bill 1441, which granted special privileges to homosexual and transgendered people and required any entity receiving state funds to promote the homosexual lifestyle. I later joined Dr. James Dobson on his daily radio show explaining the far-reaching implications of this legislation. By all accounts, Governor Schwarzenegger’s office was inundated with calls urging him to veto this bill. Instead, he signed it. California pro-family groups are understandably upset, especially since SB 1441 contains no exemption for religious colleges and universities that accept students with state grants or for child-care providers that accept state vouchers. Christian colleges will now be forced to decide between upholding basic biblical standards and rejecting students who receive state financial aid. Other faith-based organizations that contract with the state or receive any state funding for their programs will be affected, too. Once again, the “tyrants of tolerance” have betrayed their true agenda – to use the power of big government to silence people of faith and stifle our first amendment right to freedom of religion.

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