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I started to teach the book of Luke in Sunday School yesterday.

My reasons for choosing to teach Luke are:

1. To get reacquainted with Jesus so as to live more like him.
2. The book of Luke seems to be less read than the other gospels.

3. I read that 50% of the materials in Luke are not included in the other 3 gospels and it is the longest book in the New Testament.

I struggled with gaining insights from chapter 1 as I prepared the lesson because everything seem so familiar. When it is familiar, my mind glosses over it lazily. I really prayed that God would give me something to teach. This was Friday and I did not have inspiration to teach on Sunday.
Then something interesting struck me. Why did the angel Gabriel insist that Zechariah and Elizabeth name their child John? Everyone thought they should name the child after someone in their family, and no one in their family was named John. Why not let the parents name the child whatever they want, isn’t that every parent’s prerogative? Z and E waited so long to have this child, and is probably the only child they will have. Surely they want to pick the name. Did God have a reason for commanding them to name the child John?

Study that and see what God is teaching us.

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