We moved Elliot back to USC today. A year ago almost to the day, we moved Elliot into USC as a freshman.

What a difference a year makes.

1. I did not cry today as I did a year ago, though I did feel a small lump in my throat.

2. Elliot was relaxed and confident, knew his way around campus and know about stuff that’s happening.

3. I am relaxed and confident, know what to expect, and not worry about him being able to find his way around.
4. There were several people he knew that he waved and said hi to. Last year he didn’t know anyone.

5. He has a different roommate this year, a guy he met last year and requested as a roommate. Last year, he did not know his roommate until the day they moved in.

6. He will be taking on a leadership role in TCF. He wanted to be on campus early to outreach to the freshmen. That brings me great joy. Last year he was the freshman being reached out to by TCFers, some of whom became his good friends. One is his roommate.
7. His room is smaller this year, in the middle of the hall. Last year he was lucky to have gotten one of the biggest rooms at the end of the hall.

8. Last year we did not know if his meal plan would be enough for him. Today, we used up $30+ of his dining dollars for sushi on campus because we know that he will not spend it all.

9. We did not bother taking pictures with Tommy Trojan this year. Been there, done that.
10. If we thought USC was expensive last year, the tuition is even higher this year. ugh! 🙁

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