Do you watch Stanley on Disney Channel? He’s a little boy with a hexagon shaped head. His best friend is a really smart goldfish in a bowl named Dennis. Stanley takes Dennis with him everywhere, and never drops the fishbowl.

You learn a lot from Stanley, or rather from Dennis. Today Stanley learned that “just because there’s a lot of something doesn’t mean it won’t run out.” His parents told him not to waste resources like water, electricity and paper.

“That’s called conservation,” says Dennis.

“Conversation?” asked Stanley. “Actually, my mom did most of the talking.” 🙂

Then Stanley and Dennis went inside his Great Big Book of Everything and visited the bison. They are the biggest mammal in North America. Did you know that? I didn’t.

Stanley (and I) learned the saying, “It’s going the way of the buffalo” to refer to something that is going extinct, or slowly ceasing to exist.  We need to conserve or some of our resources will go the way of the buffalo.

One Response to “Stanley is so cute”

  1. laurie Says:

    Hello Katy. My name is Laurie – I am the same age as you (47!). I am English but am married to Lorna (Lai Lin) – she is Chinese like you. We have four boys and live in Orpington Kent in the UK.

    In my bible notes today, I had Habakkuk 3 v17 and 18 so I looked it up later on Google and found your blog site.

    We go to Orpington Town Church – we have about 200 members.

    I enjoyed reading your blog entries – may God bless you and your family.

    Greetings once again from sunny England!

    Laurie Wilson