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1. Dropped Amy off at school and enjoyed a 45-minute walk with my husband. We need the exercise, and it was a nice time to talk.

2. Researched properties for clients. There is more inventory of homes on the market now. It’s becoming a bit more of a buyer’s market.
3. Picked up Amy from school, then  an hour and a half later, picked up Audrey from school and gave her friends a ride home.

4. Had dinner with a friend. The sashimi with soba noodle salad was too spicy, so I asked for more plain noodles to dilute it. It was very good after that. This friend is young, not attached, and free to spend her summer any way she wants. She decides to go on a missions trip to a remote part of China. Oh, how I wish I was young again! Now I live vicariously through friends like her.
5. Had watermelon when I got home from dinner. It was all nicely cut up into pieces by my mother-in-law. I have nothing to complain about.

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