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From Gary Bauer of American Values:

Have you seen the recent studies that try to quantify the value of motherhood? It seems financial analysts are attempting to calculate the “market value” of a mother’s worth in today’s economy. One study added up the value of 17 key occupations that mothers typically perform, including Executive Chef, Financial Manager, Psychologist and Registered Nurse, and estimated that a mother’s worth is approximately $508,700 per year. Once you include the retirement and health insurance benefits that stay-at-home mothers typically forgo, plus the financial contribution of home-schooling mothers, this estimate climbs even higher. All the number crunching aside, one thing financial analysts will never be able to capture is the priceless love and affection that mothers give their families. Without a doubt, mothers have one of the most difficult, but most rewarding and most important jobs. The future of our great nation is literally in their hands! Please take time out this weekend to tell the mothers in your lives just how much they are appreciated. Happy Mother’s day!

I am worth a lot!

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  1. emme Says:

    happy mother’s day!!
    and thanks for taking us shopping.

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