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peace on earth

lots of hugs and kisses from my family and friends

a rabbit, preferably a baby rabbit, preferably from an indoor home (vs. kept outdoor in a cage) We got a gray 6-week old baby bunny from Billy Joe, my friend Barbara’s workout instructor at 24-Hour Fitness

(a medium to medium-large dog, preferably a puppy that will grow to that size, preferably short hair, preferably not a pure-bred) – on hold. With a bunny, I am not ready to have a dog yet.

baby dwarf hamsters Got 2 from Ching Ching, thanks! Update: it’s been 3 years, all our hamsters died. Our hamster days are over.

Get Smart dvd set of all 5 seasons. It’s a hilarious show. – I decided I don’t want to own them. They are fun to watch, but I wouldn’t want to watch them over and over…Maybe if I can just borrow them for a week.

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  1. Katy’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Wish list Says:

    […] Please check my wish list. […]

  2. Katy’s Weblog » Blog Archive » New Addition Says:

    […] Me: I want one! I want one! For the last several weeks, we’ve been doing research on bunnies, went to see my friend’s bunny, and went to the Humane Society to look for a bunny. I posted this on my wishlist. But I never told Barbara that we wanted one, and I know she never reads my blog. Out of nowhere she mentions about someone who is giving away baby bunnies. Today, we went to pick up 6-week old Smoky, our new pet. He/she (too young to determine the sex) is meant to be ours. (Technically she is Amy’s bunny.) […]

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