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On Christmas day, I set the alarm for Amy at 6:50am. The alarm was for her because she would be motivated enough not to go back to sleep. She woke everyone up and we had fun open our presents one by one.

Hightlights: Elliot gave everyone a souvenir USC sugar packet; probably the last year of receiving a school ornament from Amy with a picture of herself on it; Audrey got a Veggetales Christmas CD from her friend Sven; lots of good stuff from our agents at the office; earrings for me from Santa.

We got to church on time. Audrey and the four-piece brass band did a great job playing “We Three Kings”. We had a birthday party for Jesus with the children that was fun with games and cake, including a Bible lesson by Audrey. I am very proud of her ability to teach the children. She truly loves the kids.

Then we had a great meal and fun at my brother Brian’s house. More presents were opened there. We had fun with a white elephant gift exchange. We made out with a pair of Hello Kitty goggles for Amy and a box of Godiva chocolates for Elliot!

Without Christ in Christmas, it would be such a let down the day after. But with Christ, the true meaning of Christmas continues, and next Christmas we can celebrate again.

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