One never has the time to do something unless one makes the time.

I find that posting daily on a blog is possible, but not probable. First, the time factor. Sure, it takes less than 15 minutes to type it out, but the thought process takes longer than I’d expect. Second, there is inspiration. I sit down to blog and think, “There nothing in my life worth blogging about.” Yes, I can write about mundane details such as: I woke up at 6:20am when the alarm rang this morning. Then turn on the facet and wait about a minute for the water to get warm, wash my face with a warm towel, and go to Audrey’s room with a warm face towel to wake her up. Then I go to the bathroom and do my business. Then I wash my hands, go downstairs and prepare breakfast. Then…

Some days, I have no deep insights into life.

How do you find inspiration to blog?

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