One of Audrey’s braces brackets came off her tooth. I called the orthodontist. She said it was ok, she can wait for her January appointment to put it back. That’s interesting. I thought it was urgent.

My mother-in-law left for Hong Kong for a visit there, as she does nearly every year. I kind of like taking back control of the kitchen. While she is here, she does all the cooking. Well, I have other things I can do while she doesn’t have much else to do with her life. So I let her have the kitchen when she is here.

Elliot is coming back for semester break next Wednesday. I hope he still likes being at home, and still loves us. I know that he has more fun and challenges at school, and probably prefers to be there. I honestly don’t blame him. After a certain age, you really should be out on your own. But I still hope he is not overly anxious to get away from home.

We were at Home Depot on Wednesday and bought a beautiful Christmas tree. Every year, Mike goes prepared with a cutting knife and gloves. Every year, a customer will think he works there and asks him to cut the ropes off a tree. Same thing happened this year. Mike: “I don’t work here, but I’ll cut it for you.” I love my husband!

To do facial or not to do facial, that is the question. My sister does a facial and massage regularly. She has asked me to go with her on more than one occasion. I can’t justify spending some $80-$100 for it. I am also scared of what they do to your face – the scraping and mudding and all that…Now with 20% off, should I try it?

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