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Nineteen days to Christmas. I think we will go get our real Christmas tree today. For twenty years, since we were married, we have the tradition of every year going to a tree lot to pick a tree. In recent years, we’ve gone to Home Depot. They seem to have the best prices. I don’t know about you, but it just would not be right to start a new tradition of going to the attic and pulling out an artificial tree.

Christmas tidbit of the day: Wassail orginated from the words “was hail” used to greet or say goodbye to someone. It means “be in good health.” The term was then used to toast a drink, and later on, the meaning included the drink with which the toast was offered. This toast was popularly used with the spiced ale or mulled wine that was drunk on Christmas Eve.

These Christmas “facts” seem to make sense, but who really knows if any of this is true! Some of the explanations of Christmas traditions may have been embellished with some urban legends that has been passed around. Let me know if you know of any.

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