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If a White Christmas is what puts you in the mood for the holidays, do not come to Southern California. It’s over 70 degrees today, even decidious trees are still green (wait, is that possible?)

This started as a draft yesterday, December 1st, but I didn’t have time to finish it. So here it is, December 2nd, and I’d like to post something about Christmas every day until the 24th.

True or False: Jesus Christ was born some time in December, so Christians designated December 25th as the day Jesus was born.

The answer is….mostly false. It’s a trick question. We don’t know when Jesus was born, so it could’ve been December. I’ve heard, however, that it is unlikely because the shepherds and sheep wouldn’t be out in the field in the cold winter. (So where do sheep go in the winter?) Since we don’t know when Jesus was born, it can’t be the reason why Christians designated a day in December to commemorate his birth.

I am going read more about the origin of Christmas and write about it later, hopefully within this month.

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