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Amidst the COVID-19 distress, I met a nice neighbor up the street with a 3rd grade girl. She and her dad were in their front yard playing while I was taking my daily walk. They were probably desperate for conversation with the outside world. Under normal circumstances, we would’ve waved and move on. But they engaged me with “How are you?” So of course I had to stop walking to answer, one question led to another, exchanged names, and I said she would really like coming to Awana at our church when we reopen. I pray that God will move their hearts to the gospel.

Also conversed with another neighbor on my walk the other day. People are less behind their fences now. People do need people.

Except my immediate neighbor is still rather aloof. I’ve seen him next door since he was in high school, now he is married with 2 kids! He’s taken over his parents house while they moved to Irvine. I’ve always tried to chat with him, when he would come home from college, etc. We only see each other if we happen to be outside at the same time, which is rare. He is not the friendly type. I wonder what his wife is like. I’ve not seen her. Maybe with 2 kids, she’d want adult conversation.

Getting news of CV-19 infected people closer to my circle of acquaintances…not happy news but will do my part to pray. Otherwise I really don’t want to hear bad news. It brings up anxiety. I want to hear good news and positive outcomes of this hopefully short period of time. What Satan meant for evil, God redeems it for good.

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