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I don’t remember that my husband and I have ever gone to Disneyland just the two of us. We did yesterday, because his office offered free tickets as a reward for a good year.

My husband doesn’t love Disneyland. The times I’ve gone is with my girls. So as I expected, he was ready to leave before I was ready to leave. To be fair, I’m not the most exciting person to go with to Disneyland. I don’t like the thrill rides whereas he would’ve enjoyed those. I’m happy going to Small World and Peter Pan. He fell asleep on those.

I like just walking around and looking at things. We clocked in over 23,5oo steps!

Since it’s a once in a lifetime date (we probably won’t go alone again unless we get free tickets again) we stayed through fireworks. He was glad he did, and I’m thankful he’s always agreeable to do whatever I want to do.


  • Fantasmic. And then we can see the fireworks in the same area without rushing to Main Street. Because it was a bit cold in the evening, the crowd, especially families with children, thinned out. We were able to get a good view.
  • Having lunch with his office people. There were about a dozen of them who came. Got to know them a bit. We were the oldest ones…none of the older agents in his office took the offer for free tickets. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland for free! I wouldn’t have mind hanging out with the people more, but we lost them after lunch.
  • Using the Disneyland app. The old days of the paper map are gone. It’s much more efficient with the phone. We pre-ordered Mickey beignets and skipped the line. Chose that over Dole whip because it was cold.
  • No lines at Pirates and Small World.
  • Storybook Land!
  • Jungle Cruise at night.

I liked the old Submarine where it felt “real”. Now with Nemo in there, it’s just another cartoon.

The wonder of Disneyland hasn’t been the same ever since Tomorrowland couldn’t keep up with tomorrow. I mean, I have a real self-driving car…the Monorail is no longer cutting edge like it used to be when I went as a child. They need to call Tomorrowland something else. But hopefully not based on a movie.

But I still love the artistry and imagination that went into the design of each ride in each land. The Haunted Mansion still amazes me. I still love Small World and Peter Pan.

The best thing was to know that I can walk 23,500 steps without problems and my husband and I can still be happy at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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