stored in: 2020

We missed going to this Michelin-star restaurant when my cousins were in town in May last year. (We were in Hawaii, not complaining).

Our kids took us there today to celebrate January birthdays. Good times with granddaughters, including changing diapers.

Afterwards we went to Bopomofo, first time. I’m not their target market. I like boba but I don’t love boba. 25% sugar tasted like no sugar. I’m not impressed. I’m spoiled by boba in Taiwan.

It is God’s blessings that my kids are not rebellious, we love to spend time together, they continue to allow me in their lives, they all live in the area within reasonable driving distance, their spouses are comfortable being with us, they are self-sufficient, they are walking with Jesus.

I thank God for giving me what I’ve always wanted.

I waste a lot of time that could be used reading. If I’m serious about reading more this year, I need to stop looking at pictures of my grandbabies haha!

It’s so fun to have packages delivered. What did we do before online shopping?? I’m returning more than what I am keeping from Nordstrom Rack, but I’m sure they still make money on me. I don’t feel bad keeping only one pair of shoes for me and one pair for Amy.


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