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Senior pastor reminded us change is inevitable. Some people will be uncomfortable and grieve the past. I am thankful for him and the forward thinking. Changes make me feel alive.

But there are some things that cannot be changed easily – altar flowers; Sunday lunch. It’s these seemingly minor things that people hold on to with sentiments of the good ol’ days.


Relaxed after church with one of my favorite activities – browsing at Goodwill.

So many nice dishes and knick knacks that people are willing to give up.┬áIf they can give them up, I can too! I have to declutter some more. I don’t want to hold on to the good ol’ days.

Spent some time talking to a 3rd grader who splits his time between his divorced parents.

Boy: “My stepmom forces me to read the Bible.”

Me: “How does she force you?”

Boy: “If I don’t read the Bible, I don’t get to eat.”

Boy: “I like my new school. It’s really strict.”

Me: “Why do you like it strict?

Boy: “Because no one can bully you.”

Everyone has a God-given sense of justice. It was a good lead for me to talk to him about God’s grace when we fail.

I like kids who misbehave at church. They have parents who care and know enough to bring them to church. And they have a general sense of their sin because they know they get in trouble. It’s easy to show them God’s love. They are smart and have guts to challenge the system. They force me think about better ways to do ministry. How is the gospel applied? How does God’s Word come alive for them?



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