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I reread some of my 2019 posts. Here are a few things I want to carry to 2020:

Practice hospitality – be intentional by scheduling people for dinner. This includes my own siblings whom I don’t make intentional efforts to see.

Arrow prayers – when something happens at church ie a disruptive child, pray immediately first before reacting with a solution.

Listen to my husband – when he has an idea, I should just go with it.

Perspectives Class – reread some of the material.

Reading – aim to read more than one book a month. Be more resourceful with using my time to do this.

Creativity – make time for crafts. Don’t waste time in the evenings.

Blog post – aim to post daily.

This blog is helpful to force me to reflect and it’s helpful to read my 2019 posts today. I see how I’ve grown, what I’ve learned, challenges I’ve overcome.

I am journaling other thoughts today as a way to prepare for 2020.

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