Me in Children Worship: Tax collectors cheat people to get rich.

1st grader: What does rich mean?

With children you can’t assume anything.

Two boys fighting to sit on the same chair: I was here first!

Me: You work it out yourselves. Do what is nice, not what you want.

Both boys immediately got off the chair and sat somewhere else.

That was easier than I expected…

What to do: One of the boys have been using the F word. I know he has a difficult home life, so this type of acting out is typical. How should I apply Biblical counseling and the gospel with him, and not just behavior management? Good practice for upcoming training for children volunteers, and SS for adults that I will be teaching.

An impromptu visit to my son, I didn’t bring food as I usually would.

What’s for dinner? His church had a rotation to bring him food for the next few Sundays to help them adjust to having a baby. The assigned family brought plenty, and we got to enjoy L&L type of Hawaiian food with them!

I’ve often brought food to couples who had babies or who had surgery, etc. but have not been the recipient since I had a baby. And that was a long time ago! Now I remember what a blessing it is to receive surprise dinner. How can anyone do life without a church family?





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