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I’ve been holed up at home for the last 3 days in an effort to recover from my cough. Indeed I’ve gotten better, no longer feeling the tickle, the breathlessness, or the coughing fits. Voice is still hoarse.

I’ve enjoyed being at home without having to be totally in bed. It was nice taking it easy, didn’t do anything strenuous. I’m glad it was not a busy week at church. However, I did not exercise at all, not even stretching, and I’m feeling it.

There isn’t usually anything very time sensitive for my work except if I’m speaking or leading a meeting. Most of my work is behind the scenes and ongoing. It’s like the road work being done on Grand Avenue. You can set artificial deadlines to get done, but if you don’t meet the deadline, people can still drive on Grand. But when it’s done, everyone’s life is better.

Right now I’m working on training material for meetings next year, laying out the schedule for Worship Teams. I also want to put together a birthday package for families. Recruiting is ongoing based on relationships, so it’s not anything that has a specific deadline. Sending emails and texts to people to keep in touch and follow up can be done at home. I’m very thankful that I don’t have many stressful deadlines to meet.

The part of my job that I hate and feel very incompetent is organizing forms. I think I’ve said this before, and it still continues to plague me. It’s ongoing and hangs over my head. Yet this is a very important part of safety procedures for the department. I am praying for God to bring me the right person to organize things into a digital, searchable, accessible system. I am very sure there are people who actually love to do this kind of thing. I need to set a deadline to find this person.

I wanted to read more, but ended up surfing pinterest when I’m resting. I would normally feel guilty but since I’m sick, I can allow myself to be unproductive.

Bought our Christmas tree from Costco today. That’s been our tradition now. In the past, we go to Home Depot and look through every tree to pick one. At Costco there is no choice. Life moves on.

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