I got this free book by Bill Gaultiere when I went to his free seminar. I like free.

I wasn’t sure if I’d want to read this since I have a stack of books I’m working through (wish I could read faster!) But I’m glad I did. There are better books out there on this topic but I did gain a few insights that help me in my walk with Jesus.

The main takeaway is the idea of taking on Jesus’ yoke that is light. How is his yoke light when he had so much to do and certainly did not have an easy life?

The way that Jesus lived connected to his Father and doing his Father’s will is what makes his yoke light. He is not detracted or distracted. His priorities are in line with his mission. He knows when and what to say yes and no to. We learn to live this easy yoke by first submitting to King Jesus and then be his apprentice in Kingdom living p. 52. It’s just another way of saying be his disciple.

I skimmed the last two chapters because it was getting repetitive with more common sense than direct Scripture insights.

I wouldn’t put a priority in reading this book, but it was not a hard read, and I’ve completed my November book.

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