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Teacher: How many people do you think live in Los Angeles?

3rd grader: zero?

I think she thought it was a trick question.

Teacher: What percentage of people do you think are Buddhist in Myanmar?

2nd grader: 5?

Teacher: much more than that.

Another second grader: 7?

Children’s perspective of size is always interesting. They have a limited view of what big is.

That must be how we are to God. We don’t know how big God is.

When we pray for something, God says I am much bigger than that.

And then we only ask a little bit more.

We have a limited view of what big is in God’s view.

Kids teach me so much about God.


After having people here, I always say to my husband, let’s have people over more often. And then I don’t take any steps to do it.

But I share in Mom’s Fellowship that it’s something I want to create as the tone in our home life.  I’m going to try to go ahead and set some dates for 2020 to invite people over as part of the rhythm of our life.

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