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Staff lunch today. I always get to pick the place because they know I have a sensitive stomach.

Today I chose California Fish Grill. It’s so good, but most of us were not full even though it was a good portion.

Appreciate the guys for their wisdom and dedication.

What I learned today:

I heard on a podcast how to ask intentional questions in a friendship – go from external, to internal, to eternal. What’s happening, how do you feel, what is God’s eternal perspective. I shared that at staff meeting today that it’s also helpful to think through that for sermon prep. They liked it.

Pastor Albert, in answering criticisms of Operation Christmas Child, said people have hijacked OCC to mean what it was never intended to do. No project can solve all the problems of poverty, and no endeavor will be free from all criticisms. Our church has merely chosen OCC as a way to encourage giving a gift to children across the world to express Jesus as our ultimate gift. I agree. Whether you give a goat or a water well, or even sponsor a child, there are downsides to every project. But it doesn’t mean we don’t do any of it.

I am glad that the English team is going to do more future planning of the calendar into 2021 so we can build one thing upon another rather than going from year to year with no connection. This is what I need and would help me in my ministry. This is where I feel inadequate in my job. I think if it was someone else is in my position, they would have started 5 years ago with a plan to take CM where they want it to be, whatever that may be. I have a general idea of what I want to head towards, and wait for the door to open in that direction.

A good example is JOG. I want JOG to be a big part of our church. I talk to people about, share why I think this is a ministry we should embark on, support it and advocate it in any way I can.  But I’m looking for open doors. It’s starting to crack open more now, so I’m excited for what God will do. But I don’t particularly have a step by step plan to get people onboard. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but then having a plan is good.


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