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From Sunday Children’s Worship:

1st grade girl: Does God need food?

Me: Why do you ask?

Girl: I mean, does he die?

She asked this question after I gave a message about the sin of Adam and Eve. The idea of eating a fruit that leads to death must have prompted that question. I thought I was very clear in explaining our first parent’s rejection of God. You never know how kids process what you say.  So when we explain something to a child, never assume they understood.

3rd grade girl: Why did God put that tree in the garden if they weren’t suppose to eat it?

That is an excellent question that did show understand. When teaching kids be ready to answer hard questions.

I evaded it by saying it was a good questions that will take another message to answer. Maybe I’ll answer that in the next message I give. It’s too good to pass up.

Today Monday:

I was thinking of skipping the drive to LA to visit my granddaughter this week, but since it’s Veteran’s Day holiday, we took advantage of the lighter traffic and went. She is much more fun now with more expressions, but still sleeps a lot.

I am proud of my daughter for being a good mom. I made sure I told her that because I could come off as critical. Every mom has to make hard decisions for the care of her baby. I will not agree with all her decisions. But as I say to other grandparents, including my own parents, we’ve had our chance, now give your kids the chance to parent their way. I never wanted advice from my mom nor my MIL. I wanted to do it my way. I cannot impose my views on my kids. But inadvertently I do. So I have to counteract that by purposely telling my kids that I am proud of the way they are taking care of their babies.

I also tell them they never have to take my advice no matter how insistent I may come across. Another new grandma and I were talking about this on Sunday. We agree we have to zip our mouths. I’ve unzipped my mouth too many times.

Saturday, November 10 was our 35th wedding anniversary.

At the Japanese restaurant where we celebrated:

Me: Do you do something for anniversaries? It’s our anniversary today.

Waitress with broken English: No, I’m sorry, we don’t.

Me: You mean you don’t do anything for birthdays and anniversaries?

Waitress: Oh, birthday yes. Oh what is anniversary?

Me: It’s our wedding anniversary.

Waitress: Oh yes, I can give you green tea ice cream and melon.

On the bill: complimentary birthday ice cream




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