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“Nobody wants to do your job!” A friend at church said that to me yesterday.

My response: I do! I have fun with it!

Her response: Well, that’s your personality.

I thank God that He gave me a personality that loves this type of ministry. I know there are others who would love to do this full time too. I am praying that one of them will take my place. I’m just being realistic that I’m not getting any younger. A few more white hairs are coming in. I think I can still count them, on 3 hands!

Sundays are tiring because I don’t get to eat lunch till almost 2pm. I now bring my fatty bone broth to drink throughout the morning to keep me full. It works great. But after 6 hours without food I am tired. Since I cannot snack or eat on the run, I have to hold out until I can sit down to a nice meal of meat and veggies. I wish God gave me a cast iron stomach like my husband’s.

“How are your birds?” A boy with autism asks me that every time I see him. It does get a bit repetitive but I love that he comes up to give me a hug and talk to me, even if it’s the same question every single time 🙂

“Do a squat and let me see how you do it.”  Got some free PT advice from a PT student today. Clarified on the proper way to do a squat, in front of the worship hall at church haha! Also learned a different way of stretching my hamstrings. “Wow they are really tight, like a rock!” Would’ve been nice if she was referring to my muscles instead of my hamstrings!

“We are church hopping.” Saw a friend at our church today. I asked, why are you here? It always saddens me to see friends come from another church. I don’t want them to leave their church. That means something is wrong and that’s not good for the Kingdom of God for any church to have problems.

“I am going to the English service to improve my English.” I introduced a mom of 3 kids to the Mandarin SS teacher to encourage her to go. I often see her sitting outside, not actually attending English service. Now that she told me she goes to English service, and if I see her outside not in service…what do I do? I don’t want to police people but if she brings her kids to church, she is not doing them any favors if she is being a hypocrite.


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