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The day after I wrote about wanting accountability partners, a friend asked me to get lunch. We used to meet up weekly to pray, after we drop off our kids. That was many years ago. I am thinking, is God bringing me an accountability partner? She meets my qualifications of being geographically near, and biblically focused. I am excited about this possibility. I don’t consider her a mentor but definitely a candidate as a prayer partner.

In some ways, my senior pastor is my mentor, though my ideal would be a woman. I do ask my SP questions about issues I face in life. I respect his wisdom. He has a lot of life experience even though he is not much older than me. He’s gone through hard times.

Interesting that as I think of a mentor, I want someone who has struggled. I am looking for the same in my accountability partner. If life’s been too easy for you, you can’t empathize with me,  nor do you have wisdom that borns out of trials.

This is exactly what 2Cor 1:3-5 means. The reason we go through trials and receive God’s comfort is so we can comfort others. I’ve lived this many times. I wouldn’t be who I am today, in a positive way, without the experience of losing a child. I am much more empathetic.

Growing up as a minority has also defined who I am, but I am still working on making it to be a more positive impact on my life.

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