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I hate making travel decisions. After several round of researching locations for an overnight getaway – San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside (I know, why Riverside), or just anywhere with a bed & breakfast, we booked a cheap motel in Big Bear Lake. It is nothing like what I was looking for haha. This proves people don’t know what they really want in life.

Had some good conversations with people, grateful to have Friday nights off. But I was tempted to go to the TURF end of the year party just to hang out. But I didn’t have enough motivation to get me out the door.

Last night I had the same struggle with motivation. I wanted to attend the China Source sharing about China, but without a tangible reason to go ie someone expecting me there, I almost didn’t go. I did end up going because I carpooled with my daughter – she was going to fellowship at church anyway. The China sharing was good, and got a chance to pray for China in specific ways that was mentioned. I am glad I went. If I went to TURF tonight, I’d probably be glad I went too. Instead I’m going to wash my hair now.


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