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I appreciate our pastors. If I have any problems in ministry I feel confident they can help. But I need a female mentor. I am praying for one. But have not taken active steps to ask to meet up with a particular woman that I want to get to know. She lives far so that’s a barrier.

I would like to be in an accountability group with a few women preferably 3, but I don’t know who. All the girlfriends I know are too nice. If I tell them a sin I struggle with, they would just comfort me, tell me that no one is perfect, you’re doing good, etc. I don’t want that.

I want people who would hold me accountable and pray for me, give me Biblical counsel. I wouldn’t mind younger women, but I don’t think they would feel comfortable with me. Perhaps being in different life stage might make it hard for us to relate. But I think that shouldn’t be a huge barrier in Christ. I actually learn a lot from my daughters, so I don’t think age difference is a problem.

I guess I’m picky about who would be in the group. It has to be just the right mix, that I think of all of them as spiritual peers, knows the Bible well so they can offer biblical perspectives, women I respect. I want to be just a member of this group. I don’t want to lead the group or feel that I informally lead the group. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in a group where I don’t feel I have to lead it. I wonder if a lot of leaders/pastors have this need.

And it’s got to meet at a time and distance that is convenient for me.

I had consider taking a class in seminary to find likeminded peers. But I don’t really want to study.

Yeah, I know, so many requirements to check off…now you understand why I can’t find an accountability group…

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