I will never have to buy Costco discount movie tickets again.

The senior price for Edwards is $10.50. Anytime. That’s cheaper than Costco.

I will now only go to a theater with recliner seats. I don’t love movies. The way to get through these epic 3 hr movies is to have my feet up, and possibly fall asleep in it.

At the Brea theater:

Me: Is there a senior discount?

Box Office guy: Yes, but you have to be 60 to get the discount.

While I am flattered that I don’t look my age, I now¬†make it a point to tell people my age, when it serves me that is, so they will treat me better and give me discounts, haha.

When I was on the train in Singapore, a sign says to give up your seat to seniors, women with children, and the physically disabled. I noticed young people were very good about doing that. But only once did someone give up a seat for me. “Hey, I’m older than I look! You should give me your seat!”

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