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Saturday: After morning deacon’s meeting, Mike and I had an adventure and bought a blueberry plant. So excited! Harvested 5 berries so far!

Sunday: 3 moms who are friends with their children came to church for the first time. They are Mandarin-speaking, which is not unusual. Every week we have visitors who are Mandarin-speaking. Neither is it unusual that only moms came with children. The fathers are usually in China. What is unusual is that these 3 moms are not new immigrants. Their English was decent and the children’s English was pretty good. And 2 of the families had 2 children. Most families from China only have one child. I asked if this is their first time to church. “Yes, we don’t know what to expect!” So blessed to be a part of what God is doing in our church.

Last Sunday an Indonesian mom and daughter came for the first time. This Sunday they came again, and brought an Indonesian friend. They found us on google, not knowing that we have a large population of Indonesians in our church. For some reason, God is bringing Indonesian families to us.

I was very encouraged by the first meeting of the Celebrate Summer One Day Children’s Outreach. I expected 2 people to attend as part of the planning team. One got into a car accident just before the meeting, so I thought our team will be very small.  But God brought a total of 6 to the meeting! It’s not the number but their enthusiasm for children and for outreach inspired me at a time when I felt like quitting.

Sunday was the last Perspectives Class! The last 15 weeks of Sunday afternoons have been very well-spent. I would do it again. I highly recommend every Christian to take this course. They say it’s not just a class, it’s a movement. I don’t know what that means. Movement is one of those words like passion and strategic. It sounds good. I don’t know if Perspectives is a movement, but I do hope that is will make a notable difference in us personally and in our church.  Now I need to review and apply all this to how I live my life.

We went out to dinner with the usual Perspectives class members, for the fellowship and not the food of course. I told my husband that to make it worthwhile to spend $45 for this dinner fellowship, we will only leave when everyone else leaves. We have to stay as long as possible to get our money’s worth 🙂 It’s a joy to talk to people from our church and other churches.

Also started praying for Muslims as Ramadan started on Sunday.

Monday: catching up. Did our usual Costco and Billy’s Egg Farm run. No other agenda, except last Perspectives homework and project. I can’t complain.


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