Yesterday I posted my issue of aging. I’ve developed all kinds of¬†obsessions with problems that come with getting old.

First it was my digestion with pain in my stomach. I asked my doctor run all the tests. I was obsessed with supplements. There were bottles of pills arriving at my door everyday. It was so fun, so full of hope that one of those would solve my pain. I was literally googling for hours going down the rabbit trail for solutions. Then I found FTD, been following that (more or less low carb high fat, not completely keto), and feel much better. I am thankful for google, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find FTD. But now I can’t just eat whatever I want as I used to do when I was young. See what happens when you get old?

I don’t google digestion anymore, though I am still reading stuff about digestive health and active on the FTD FB group.

Now I’m obsessed with googling about pain in my leg and pain on my left thumb. I was diagnosed with weak gluts by a PT. No surprise since I don’t exercise. I’ve lost close 10 pounds on FTD, so I lost the muscle that I didn’t have much to begin with. When I cut out carbs, I didn’t know I had to add a lot of fat to my diet. Now I’m trying to eat more fat, but so hard to gain muscle.

I blame all this on aging. It was so much easier to exercise and gain muscle when I was young. Now when I exercise, I get sore, I get tired, and other parts of my body gets misaligned. I’ve been googling exercises, and how to get rid of the pain in my thumb. I want to find that one exercise that will solve all my pain. And more business for Amazon – a thumb splint guard.

And that’s why I don’t like getting old. When you get old, you can’t live without google and Amazon…

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