In a podcast today, the host asked, “What false beliefs do you have about yourself that is holding you back?”
I have a false belief about getting old.

I think old people can’t be productive. I think I’m old and therefore limited in what I can do. I make decisions based on what I can or cannot do at my age. I don’t want to have adventures because I think I’m too old to enjoy them. Only young people can be carefree and run in the wind. I know I can still do things, but I can’t do the things that young people do.

When I was young, I was adventurous. I wasn’t good at things but I would try and not be fearful. But now I think, why push myself. Why bother? What’s to gain? I’m happy where I am. The one thing that I have risked is going on short term mission trips. And only because Taiwan is not a third world country, and I can get a direct flight there. I am not sure I’d go to Indonesia or Kenya.

I am thankful for my husband. He doesn’t let age hinder him. But he wants to retire from work so he can travel and have fun. When I think of retiring, I don’t think of having fun. I think it’s being old and useless.

My hero is George Mueller. He traveled to preach in his 80’s when traveling wasn’t as easy as it is now. He preached into his 90’s. He was widowed twice and remarried both times. I don’t think I can remarry if I am widowed. But who knows, maybe by the grace of God, I will defy my own expectations. That would show the power of the resurrection. That I may know him and the power of his resurrection…and the fellowship of his suffering.

Since I’ve identified this false belief, I will try not to allow a false belief to rule my life. I don’t want to miss out on something good because of a false belief. That would be really stupid, wouldn’t it?

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