To celebrate my big birthday, my family surprised me with afternoon tea at the Huntington Library.

It was hard to settle on a date when everyone is available. Today I had extended deacons meeting in the morning, got out at 12:30, ate In n Out and drove out to Huntington Library. We stayed till closing at 5pm. We had lots of laughter and conversations. i asked for the gluten free option for the tea, it wasn’t great. Overall I gave the food 3/5. Not the greatest, but the company was 12/10.

With my family I can be totally myself. I thank God everyday that my kids are doing well, we love each other, enjoy spending time together, exemplify Christ in love and forgiveness of one another. I have to say, they do have to forgive me of a lot. I thought I was a pretty good mom, but as I look back, my shortcomings become apparent. By God’s mercy alone, my kids are doing well walking with God, and they still love me.

After the tea, I was still hungry for dinner. My usual choice of quick comfort food is dumplings or won ton soup. It took us 3 stops before we got to eat. First, Arcadia mall to get dumplings at Din Tai Fung, but the parking lot was crazy full. So we left and went to our 2nd stop, Sam Woo, Rowland Heights, but the parking lot was even worst. Settled back to the Noodle by church which I usually wouldn’t choose to go. Not because I don’t like the food, I love the food. I eat for the experience and since I always go there with the pastors (they like Chinese food), it was not a new experience. But I have to admit, the won ton soup hits the spot.

Thank you God for a great day. Though I was feeling anxious about the deacons meeting, and not knowing the plans for the day, I had to let go, and just take each moment. I am learning not to expect control, not try to plan everything. I’ve only been this way since starting working at church because I feel so responsible in my position on staff. Yet, it should be that working at church in ministry, I can trust God to take of His business. And this I am learning to trust God, for everything in my life. My whole life is His business.

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