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Today is my birthday 🙂 Our family do not make a big deal about birthdays.

I have a pessimistic view on aging.  I don’t want to get old and be a grouch and be slow and irrelevant, and complain about young people’s loud music, and complain about how my knees hurt, and I need help to go upstairs, and I can’t read the small print, and I can’t hear when people talk, and I have that old person smell like moth balls or Bengay, and I have to go to see the doctor every other week for some ailment or another, and I can’t sleep, and I see my friends dying off…that’s why I don’t want to get old. Pastor Jackson and I agree that we would be satisfied to live to 75 and not much more.

I had a good day though – mommy and me fellowship, meet up with JF, ping pong hang out with young couples…note all these are with people younger than me…

Yesterday, my friends took me out to lunch – my peers, not older than me…

I know in theory that aging is not a bad thing. I need to pray and ask God to give me to really internalize that so I can have joy in aging.

Hmmm, this is a rather depressing post on my birthday.

On the bright side, I’m really happy with my life. I really am. I have a wonderful husband, my house is comfortable, my church is supportive and loving, my work is fulfilling, my health is decent, I have freedom to do things, and I am in the age of the internet with modern conveniences that make life easy, my kids are doing well. And most of all, I have a Savior who walks with me through it all and into eternity.

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