Once a month the pastors have a Saturday 8am meeting with the Deacons of our church. It’s the only day where I have to be at church that early. But I cannot complain since I know most people have to be at work at that time or even earlier, daily. And I only live 10 minutes from church, 7 minutes if all the signals are in my favor. I enjoy the sharing with these men, always interesting to hear their perspective of church and their family. I appreciate each one for their commitment and perseverance in the faith.

In the afternoon I went with my daughter to return some online purchases. We love buying online, free shipping with free return in the store. The Orange outlet had both American Eagle and Nordstrom Rack to return our purchases. And of course we had to stop by Goodwill, both to drop off and shop. Didn’t find any treasures this time. The rain added some excitement.

Couldn’t sleep, which is rare for me. As I laid there, I felt the weight of my sin from the day, and am once again grateful to God for giving me another day today, His mercies are new every morning.

(Posted one day late for Saturday, 1/5/2019)



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