I like these small books, they are concise, and gives me enough that if I want to dig deeper, I can get a bigger book on the topic, and maybe even by the same author.

Found: God’s Peace by John MacArthur is a book (88 pages excluding notes) I would read again to be reminded of why I don’t need to worry when God so abundantly takes care of me. The idea of humility, to be under the submission of God’s will, is a point I need reminding. But the book also gave me the perspective of submitting myself under God’s love and care, not just his will. If I merely submit myself under his will, I may be fearful of his will. But I can know that he loves and cares for me, then there’s no need for fear.

The end of the book contains excerpts of Psalms that are really good. I will put them on index card or in my phone to review them.




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