This is the best Char Sui Chinese roast pork sauce I’ve had. The original recipe is from one of my favorite recipe sites. She’s paleo which means I can eat most of what she makes. Her cookbook is beautiful! As with every recipe, I tweak it with what I have on hand. So here’s my […]


I made this to put on my broiled pomfret. It’s an adaptation of several sauces I was looking at. I think I’ll make it again to put on other dishes. 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon lemon juice – or lime but I only had lemon. I used 1/2 because I don’t like it too sour 1/2 […]

In keeping with my goal of reading a book a month, I count this one even though technically I used this book to lead small groups. Actually, I read this more thoroughly than other books and marked it up quite a bit because I had to internalize it in order to lead a discussion on […]

I’ve been downloading free ebooks. They are free…and they are short usually. And they are concise. I know some of the free stuff are a teaser for the real book they want you to buy but that’s ok with me. I like getting an overview and if I like the topic I will in fact […]

I like these small books, they are concise, and gives me enough that if I want to dig deeper, I can get a bigger book on the topic, and maybe even by the same author. Found: God’s Peace by John MacArthur is a book (88 pages excluding notes) I would read again to be reminded […]