I don’t eat spicy, but decided to make some hot wings for a potluck. This sauce turned out well. Spicyness can be adjusted according to your taste. You can use this for anything. I think I’ll use it on ribs next time. I don’t measure, all according to taste, so these are approximate measures for […]

I downloaded a free ebook titled “Pipeline-Creating and Curating a Recruiting Culture” by Todd Adkins (Lifeway). The title of the book drew me in because it’s exactly what our church needs. As with all books I read, I always hope for an easy answer to a complex problem, same as when I google for a […]

In keeping with reading a book a month (small or big books count), I read A Practical Guide to Culture – Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World, by John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle. The book breaks down the various issues of the day such as gender identity, addiction, racial tension. Then it explains the cultural […]