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I am adding a new category – Sauces

I want to experiment with cooking but I don’t like to have to get all complicated and buy multitudes of ingredients. So I decided to experiment with sauces. If the sauce is good, it makes all the difference in the meal.

I also like sauces because they are versatile. They can be marinates or put on sandwiches. Some can be used as dressing, mix into fruit salad, add to just about anything you want to give added flavor.

And sauces are easier to make 🙂

When you’re out of ideas of what to have at mealtime, just cook up some chicken or fish or whatever meat, add a sauce – and instantly it’s elevated to a different level of deliciousness.

The sauces I will post are not necessarily my creations. But I will try to put my own twist to it and see if I can give it more “depth” of flavor – I like the word “depth”. I will also create some originals.

Here’s my first sauce that I liked. I put it on pork stew the first time I made it. The next day I spread it on a sandwich for my husband.

Mayo Siracha 4 ingredients: (I prefer to call it mayo siracha, not siracha mayo, just because.)

1/4 cup mayo

a squirt of Siracha to your desired spicyness. I was careful the first time because I don’t like spicy foods, but found that I needed more after mixing in the food. The flavor of whatever food you’re putting the sauce on will dilute the spicyness

1 tsp of orange zest – add more to taste

a drip of maple syrup – this is my healthier option for sweetness instead of sugar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. A fork is useful for this purpose.


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