UPDATE from my previous post – The biopsy came back benign – Thank you, God! Some minor irritation of gastritis in the stomachs is the official result.

In an effort to relieve my symptoms of LPR, I’ve been taking various natural supplements since April, but diligently since May 1, 2017. Now I will begin to track progress in my symptoms, if any. It’s so convenient to buy these from Amazon, with Prime I can get just about anything within 2 days! And if I don’t like it I can return it. I love Amazon!

Here we go:

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) – this is suppose to be chewed 20-30 minutes before a meal to coat ¬†and promote healing of the esophagus. I often forget to take it and end up chewing it 5 minutes before eating. I bought the no-frustose version, it doesn’t taste bad. I’ve gotten through 2 bottles of 100 tablets each. Has it helped? I don’t know, but I figured it won’t hurt. But I do not plan on buying anymore when the bottle is finished since my endoscopy did not show damage in my esophagus. I don’t want to take anything long term if I don’t need it.

B-complex – I’ve never taken vitamins regularly because I think I eat healthy enough to get enough nutrients for my body size. I generally don’t believe in taking in extra stuff into your body…however, as I get older and with stress, I figured my body may not be as efficient in absorption. And I’m not eating as much as I used to. I’ve also cut down on eating beef, which is a good source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In the past I’ve not been able to tolerate multi-vitamins, I get mouth sores as a result. This time I’m taking just B-complex without Vitamin C or other minerals. I’ve not had any reactions from this.

Stress tabs – I was at Kaiser the other day, and of course I had to browse the vitamins and minerals section. I picked up a bottle of stress tabs because it contains niacin (B-3) and I read that it’s good for me…It also has a lot of zinc which I read is good for me…I know, I’m a sucker and believe everything I read. The B-complex has niacin but I figured I can use more zinc. It also has vitamin C that the B-complex does not. So once a week I take the stress tab and not the B-complex to give myself a boost once a week. I don’t know if it actually works that way, but it seems reasonable to me.

Before I continue, I digress and let you know I’ve been using essential oils. My friend V got me onto this because she swears her family never gets sick, and if they do, a few drops of the right essential oils cures them in 1-2 days. Of course I have to give it a try, it won’t hurt. I am fairly certain that a large part of acid reflux is due to anxiety and stress. Everyone in the 21st century modern living has that, right? As I get older, I am not able to handle stress as well. I’ve never considered myself a nervous person. But again, with age, and changes in life stage and changes in hormones, things do get to me, and manifests itself in anxiety. I am mostly using lavender to help me relax. I rub it on before I sleep – V says the bottom of the foot is where it absorbs best. Recently I got myself an essential oil necklace so I sniff it all day. V says she has an essential oil diffuser in her car. I am not going to get that…yet. Has it helped? I don’t know, but I figured it won’t hurt…

To be continued.


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