I always thought, if I were to be a missionary somewhere overseas, I would want to go to Taiwan.

When I was there for vacation about 6-7 years ago, the impression I had was that it was a place I can possibly adjust to living there long term. Of course I was only there as a tourist and perhaps it was all based on a fantasy that I have of wanting to be a missionary. Or perhaps it was just the practical aspect of living in Taiwan cheaply and enjoying the food. Or maybe it’s by a process of elimination that I decided on Taiwan – anywhere in Europe is too expensive, other countries in Asia is too “third world” to adjust to at my age, too many cultural unknowns for me in the Latin countries and African countries, and China requires too much “creativity” as a “creative access country”. To be honest, and I can say this because I’m Chinese – I don’t love China. I love Japan but it’s too expensive and too many cultural nuances. You can tell I’m picky!

So in a totally unexpected way, through conversations with SL at church, SL presented a short term mission trip for me to go to Taiwan this fall.

WAIT…did I really mean what I said that I’d want to be a missionary in Taiwan? I wasn’t really serious, was I?

Now there’s no turning back. I have a chance to experience Taiwan as a short term missionary! And indeed this is something I’ve always wanted, since 30 years ago actually!

So I am preparing to go to Taiwan with a team of 5 others – one of them is my husband, and one of them is my son – which is another totally unexpected blessing!

You may think it’s all coincidence, but I think not. Since the beginning even before I was born, God knew. He took me on a journey and guided my steps to today. I didn’t know it then, nor did I always acknowledge his loving presence. In hindsight, I see it, and He is amazing!


2 Responses to “Taiwan mission – Part 1”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great story! And I’m excited to see how God continues to write it. Will be praying for you as you serve him.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Appreciate it!