Day 5 Luke 2:6-7

This is my favorite advent devotional so far. Jesus did not take any detours to Calvary. “For your sake he became poor.” (2 Cor 8:9)

“Now if you would think that if God so rules the world…, he surely could have seen to it that a room was available in the inn…The Calvary road begins with a ‘No Vacancy’ sign in Bethlehem and ends with the spitting and scoffing of the cross in Jerusalem.”

Day 6 Luke 2:12-14

When I do not pray and trust God, I cannot experience the peace of God.

“The people who enjoy the peace of God that surpasses all understanding are those who in everything by prayer and supplication let their requests be made to known to God.”

Day 7 Matthew 2:1-2

I take it for granted that as a Gentile I can be saved. If Jesus did not come, salvation would only come to me if I adopt Jewish customs. That may be fun, but very inconvenient at the least.

“So Matthew adds proof to the messiahship of Jesus and shows that he is Messiah – the king and Promise-Fulfiller – for all the nations, not just Israel.

Day 8 Matthew 2:2

We should allow ourselves to have things that we will never understand. This keeps us humble and in awe of God who does know everything.

“Over and over the Bible baffles our curiosity about just how certain things happened. How did this ‘star’ get the magi from the east to Jerusalem?”

Day 4


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