There are many things in the book Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret that have greatly encouraged me and given me deeper understanding of life in Christ. This biography is written by Howard and Geraldine Taylor, Hudson’s son and daughter in law, a condensed version of a two-volume biography. Here are some highlights for me: I am no […]


While conversion to Islam is a concern to many Christians, implicit in the study is that birth rate also will play a part in Islam’s accelerated growth. According to Pew Research, Muslims have the highest fertility rate globally – an average of 3.1 children per woman; Christians are second, at 2.7 children per woman. The […]

Pastor A asked if I would like to read Drucker and Me.  Being that my husband and I are in business, he thought I would like the book. Peter Drucker, known as the guru of management, was required reading in any management class of my generation. I don’t know about now, but his principles and insights […]