I was talking to my pastor today and we are both people with ideas! If we have unlimited resources in money and manpower, it would be our Disneyland! It would be so fun to do everything that we envision our church can do. We want our church to have impact, not numbers, a church that […]


Job, in all his suffering, never denied God. Yet, something was missing. It wasn’t enough just to persevere in our believe in God. In his book on prayer, Tim Keller says, Throughout most of the great Old Testament book that bears his name, Job cries out to God in agonized prayer. For all his complaints, […]


If  you have the YouVersion Bible app, you know there’s a 14 Days devotional plan by Tim Keller. The selected readings are from his new book. I am on Day 9. “The question the book of Job is posed in it’s very beginning. Is it possible that a man or woman can come to love […]

Whenever we experience pain, from a minor headache to a broken rib to a life-threatening disease, our first prayer is for God to take away the pain. I don’t think that’s right. As I age, can I expect my life to be pain-free? If my knees hurt and my neck is stiff, isn’t that just […]

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I don’t want to call them resolutions. Let’s just say they are notes to self for 2015. Read the Bible – each book 20 times. Focus my life and daily activities on love. “…the foundation for people-transforming ministry is not sound theology; it is love.” (Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp, p117). Declutter. […]