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I’ve gained new respect for travel bloggers.

It seems like fun to blog while you travel to keep the memories alive while sharing with others, but it’s much harder than it looks.

I was planning on blogging during my trip, and it didn’t happen. So here I will try to recreate some of my thoughts, starting with the most recent and working my way backwards and see how much I can remember.

8/26  The trip is finally coming to an end. As with most anything, the beginning started slow and I thought I had all the time in the world. And now suddenly we are leaving for the Saigon airport. The heat and humidity no longer bothers me, in fact, I will miss it. The food did not disagree with me; I loved it. The traffic of Saigon, the 24/7 activity on the streets, the abounding cheap food and taxis are antithesis of the sleepy suburb of Walnut, CA.

Our last taxi ride cost us 76,000VND. The plane ride back to LAX via Taipei gave me time to watch yet another movie on the plane. Oh, wait, edit that. The monitors did not work at our row of seats. After multiple attempts to reset it, the flight attendant gave us some magazines, and 2 decks of cards to amuse ourselves. But we weren’t bored. We generally like plane rides.

From Taipei to LAX was an 11+ hour flight. Would the techies please hurry up and make that transporter? Only 3 hours into the flight and my back was aching, my stomach felt queasy. I said to myself, “I can’t last another 8 hours. I’ll never do this again.” But a Tylenol and a nap later, I was dreaming about my next trip to Asia or Europe.

Back to LAX parking lot, our car battery was dead. I was glad for a little extra time to sit around the airport and pretend we were still on vacation.

Thanks to my dear husband for waiting for the roadside assistance while I enjoyed myself in the airport, and hugs to him for getting right back to work while I….slept till 10:30am today.

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