Yesterday, one of the kids in Sunday School broke one of my Resurrection Eggs. It made me upset, I might even say I was mad!

I know, it’s just an ordinary plastic egg, and if it was just any plastic egg, it wouldn’t matter. But the Resurrection Eggs are special to me…not the plastic egg itself, but I had hoped that the kids will see the Resurrection Eggs as something special, even sacred.

After class, I talked to the boy privately, and asked him, “I’m a little upset with you, do you know why?” He had no clue. To him, breaking a  plastic egg, on purpose, was not a big deal.  I couldn’t explain to him why I was upset about it. I tried to use this as an object lesson to explain God’s love and forgiveness, but I didn’t explain it well, and he didn’t get it.

A friend recently paid me the compliment that I was a good teacher to the kids. I think she overrated me. I felt I failed with this boy. In fact, I didn’t do a very good job in explaining Easter to the class.

But maybe J understood and he even helped me see myself in a clearer light. When I told the kids that we take for granted the sufferings that Jesus went through for us, J said, “We’re spoiled.”

Exactly. We are spoiled. We don’t appreciate Easter. Just like the boy who thought nothing of breaking my Resurrection egg, we don’t even think of ourselves as serious sinners. No wonder we don’t fully appreciate what Christ has done for us.

But when we see our sins from God’s perspective, that sin is no small deal, that sin is breaking a sacred holiness, maybe we will not be so spoiled. We will actually love our Savior who died for our sins.

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