My daughter thinks trying to decide what classes to take in high school is hard enough. Then she’s got to decide her major in college. These decisions determine the course of her life.

But as I advise my daughter about her academic path, I told her that in the end, it doesn’t really matter. She’s got her whole life in front on her to change her course.

It is certainly not uncommon for, say, an engineer to later decide to go to law school. Or a teacher to decide to be a stay at home dad. Or a paralegal to become a real estate agent, or a hospital planner to become a business owner. I know all these people and more who has changed their career.

When you are young, you have time in front of you to change the course of your life.

When I was younger, I changed my work a couple of times. But when I get older, there’s not much time left to make multiple changes.

A missionary I know wrote, “I am 57 years old. I expect that I have one more opportunity for “building” left in me; that is, one more decade of service (at least at this level of energy!). Given the “costs” of an international move, financially as well as emotionally and physically, if we are going to change this is the approximate time frame. Otherwise, wisdom would dictate remaining (where we are) until retirement.”

I feel the same way. I’m not quite that age, but making my way there soon.

I think I have one more opportunity left in me or wisdom dictates I remain where I am.

What change do I want to make? Do I want to make an international move? What kind of “kingdom” building work can I do for the next 10 years?

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