I’ve been attending a small church for the last 20 years. Everyone in a small church has to wear several hats, and I had taken on some leadership roles. I don’t think I’m gifted as a leader. I’ve always seen myself as a teacher and discipler. But since there are many needs in a small […]

Same Life, New Story by Jan Silvious has the subtitle “Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life”. It is indeed a good book for women who are going through difficult circumstances and need encouragement to change. The book is also said to be a Bible study. But it’s not a study guide as I expected. […]

Another book given to me by B for my birthday. She warned me it’s a tear jerker, and it is. I cried at several parts of the book. Same Kind of Different As Me is a true story of the friendship between Ron and Deborah Hall, an affluent white couple, and Denver Moore, a rough, […]

Josephine Tey, the pen name of Elizabeth Mackintosh, is a contemporary of Agatha Christie. I’ve been trying to request her books from the library, but it seems not many of her books are in print. The first time I requested a book by Tey, it arrived in Chinese! That was interesting. A Shilling for Candles […]

I am not a good housekeeper. I suppose I could clean my house, but I don’t have a natural knack for it. I have a couple of my friends who keep an immaculate house. You can drop by their house unannounced and their house looks as if they’ve been cleaning for days, all ready for […]