My friend B gave me this book for my birthday on Tuesday. I finished reading it today. That tells you how engaging this book is. In fact, I even set aside my mystery novel to read this book.

I’ve heard of 90 Minutes in Heaven and have seen it as a New York Bestseller in the bookstores, but I thought it’s another one of those NDE (near death experience) stories about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel which I am not interested in.

But Piper’s book is different. He only spends about 2 chapters on his experience in heaven, and the rest of the book is about his struggles with being back on earth after the accident that killed him. A Baptist pastor, Piper is honest with his struggles of doubt, of pain, and of depression. The book is very inspirational, especially for those who are going through health problems and loss. He gives no glib answers, but he himself has lived through long term excruciating pain and shares how God worked in his life.

The fact that Don Piper is a Baptist minister makes me believe his account of his 90 minutes in heaven. Also he said it took two years before he told anyone of his experience because it was a private experience he didn’t want to share. It took him another 15 years to write a book about it. That tells me that he didn’t make up a sensational story to make money. He is also very clear about his belief in Jesus, so his experience is not just a “spiritual” experience but a Christian one.

Thanks, B for giving me this book. I liked it a lot.

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